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Uinta Paleontological Associates, Inc. was established in 1992 as the parent organization for paleontological research and consulting performed by Company President Sue Ann Bilbey, Ph.D., Geologist and Paleontologist and Vice-President and Director of Field Operations Evan Hall. Their primary interests are paleontology, sedimentology, and stratigraphy of the nonmarine rocks of the Western Interior of the United States. In addition, professional affiliates (subcontractors) have assisted in paleontological resource evaluation in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Uinta Paleo is forming a substantive paleontological database for resource evaluation and protection, as well as educational and interpretive aids for these regions. In the field, we are well known for keeping the projects on line with as few delays as possible.  Uinta Paleo has been affiliated with industry, academia, and museums as well as the consulting community. Due to that familiarity, we work closely with the people involved to quickly produce professional documents, reports, and paleontological evaluations for projects. 


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At Uinta Paleontological Associates, Inc., it is our mission to maintain the knowledge, capabilities and resources to provide our customers with professional, timely, optimum results for reasonable costs, and to be the leading paleontological consultants in the Western United States.

The principal goals of Uinta Paleontological Associates, Inc. are directly related to this mission:
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by providing the highest levels of quality, performance, and service to enable each customer to achieve its desired outcomes.
  • Maintain a market-oriented business presence to assure focus on the areas that will allow our current customers to realize their objectives and also develop market awareness with each of our potential customers in order to address their needs for our services.
  • Strive to ensure that all fossil or other finds are collected, recorded and curated in a professional manner.  All activities are performed in accordance with pertinent federal and state laws, BLM, USFS, and other regulatory agency requirements. These goals are consistent with those of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and Utah Friends of Paleontology as well as other professional and paraprofessional paleontological groups.
  • Provide a safe, stimulating, challenging and cooperative work environment with growth opportunities for all our employees and professional affiliates.
  • Increase the value of our investments in the Company.


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Geologist and Paleontologist

Dr. Sue Ann Bilbey is a geologist and paleontologist with over 18 years experience managing environmental impact assessments. She has assisted a variety of firms in compliance procedures for Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC), applications regarding paleontological resources as well as federal and state requirements for protection of paleontological resources (1906 Federal Antiquities Act, Historical Sites Act of 1935, National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA), the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976), and BLM Paleontology Resources Management Manual and Handbook H-8270-1 (revised 1998 - currently under revision 2007).

Her technical capabilities include field delineation of paleontologically sensitive formations and identification of significant vertebrate, invertebrate, and plant fossil localities, preparation of technical analyses of existing paleontological data, field surveys, paleontological sensitivity reports, design of monitoring and mitigation plans, and supervision of paleontological monitors during construction, and supervision of post-construction preparation and curation of fossil materials. She has been the project manager (Chief Paleontologist) on six large FERC or interstate projects: Entrega/REX Gas Pipeline Project, Mid-America Rocky Mountain Expansion Pipeline, Northwest Pipeline Corporation Expansion I and II Projects, the NWP Dinosaur/ Dragon Trail Replacement Project, and Questar Corporation's Fidlar Station to Clay Basin Project. In addition she has done an acreage review of fossil resources for Dinosaur National Monument and the National Park Service, a Colorado Interstate Gas Pipeline in Wyoming, Yankee Gulch American Soda Pipeline in Piceance Creek, CO, a buried powerline project for Utah Power and Light, roads for Colorado and Utah Departments of Transportation as well as numerous oil/gas well-site  and small pipeline evaluations in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming.

She is the President and principal investigator for Uinta Paleontological Associates. She currently holds BLM antiquities permits as applied to paleontology in Colorado and Wyoming.  In addition to holding a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Utah, she is certified as a Utah Professional Geologist (5535071-2250). 

She has coordinated many of these consulting and research projects with other professionals and keeps the academic community well advised of her activities. She has presented her resource management plan for paleontological resources as applied to construction impacts on federal lands to the National Park Service/Bureau of Land Management Partners and Paleontology meetings.  The paleontological results from the NWP Expansion II project were presented at the Western Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists meeting in Hagerman, Idaho.  In addition, she has authored or co-authored numerous professional papers that have resulted from her consulting and other professional geological and paleontological work.


Evan Hall is Vice President of Uinta Paleontological Associates Inc. and "the FINDER." Evan's artistic eye has aided the Uinta Paleo since 1992, providing excellence in photographic as well as graphic presentations in reports, posters, and professional paleontological publications. His paleontological talents include field identification of fossils (osteological as well as biological), collection (including quarry mapping and fossil stabilization), and laboratory preparation of vertebrate, invertebrate, plant and ichnofossils. He has co-authored many professional paleontological articles as well as consulting reports with Dr. Bilbey (his wife). 

Within the professional paleontology community, he has contributed significant time and money to numerous volunteer efforts - President and Vice President of the Uinta Basin Chapter of the Utah Friends of Paleontology as well as statewide President in 2003-4. He also participated in a Utah Museums Association grant for the research and graphic presentation of the Utah Field House display - Vertebrate Paleontology in Utah - 150 years of Discovery.

To his credit, Evan has discovered several paleontologically significant fossils:
  • First Pliosaur found in Utah - 1990
  • Oldest aromatic cedar in North America - 1995
  • Oldest true Ankylosaur in North America - 1996 (which was named for him and Bilbey - Cedarpelta bilbeyhallorum)
  • Nearly complete Haplocanthosaurid Sauropod dinosaur skeleton. Uinta Paleo is preparing a professional monograph on this discovery. It is the first definitive occurrence of this genus in Utah. Research is continuing with comparisons being made to a large number of sauropod dinosaurs throughout the USA and Great Britain.
  • Reidentification of Earl Douglass' Dolichorhinus and Skull Pass Quarries, and Uinta Basin Well #2

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  • Peter Robinson, Ph.D., Paleontology - Wyoming, Kansas, and Colorado
  • Kelli Trujillo, Ph.D., Paleontology - Wyoming & Colorado
  • Emmett Evanoff, Ph.D., Paleontology - Wyoming & Colorado
  • Allen Kihm, Ph.D., Paleontology - Wyoming, Kansas, & Colorado
  • Terry A. Gates, Ph.D., Paleontology � Utah
  • Joshua A. Smith, MS pending, Paleontology  � Colorado
  • Janet Whitmore Gillette, MS, Paleontology - Utah, Colorado, Idaho, & Wyoming
  • Dee Hall, Preparator and Monitor (Agent) - Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, & Colorado
  • John Bird, Preparator and Monitor (Agent) - Utah, Colorado, & Wyoming
  • Pat Monaco, Monitor and Cook - Colorado & Wyoming
  • Kelly Buckley, Monitor � Utah, Colorado & Wyoming
  • Ivan Hall, Preparator and Monitor � Utah, Colorado & Wyoming
  • Jordan Hall, Monitor � Utah, Colorado & Wyoming
  • David DeMar, Monitor � Wyoming
  • Quinn Hall, Monitor � Utah, Colorado & Wyoming
  • <>
  • Graduate students in Geology or Paleontology as well as Experienced Field Agents and Monitors as needed.

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  • Office in Vernal, Utah
  • Preparation laboratory (as needed or subcontracted)
  • Field equipment appropriate to field study, monitoring and mitigation, secure storage of specimens prior to delivery to curation facilities
  • Professional regional geology and paleontology library and computer facility
  • Access to University, Federal, and State libraries
  • Professional access to numerous museum, state, and federal fossil locality information

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  • Utah State Antiquities Permit - 1988 - Present
  • Utah Bureau of Land Management Antiquities Permit - 1989 - 2003, 2007 - Present
  • Colorado Bureau of Land Management Antiquities Permit - 1991, 1994 - Present
  • Wyoming Bureau of Land Management Antiquities Permit - 1991 - Present
  • Idaho Bureau of Land Management Antiquities Permit - 1991 - 1992, 1997 - 1999, 2008 - 2009
  • Nevada Bureau of Land Management Antiquities Permit - 1997 - 1999, 2008 - Present
  • New Mexico Bureau of Land Management Antiquities Permit - 1998 - 2000
  • Colorado State Paleontology Antiquities Permit - 1991, 2004 - Present

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  • Entrega Gas Pipeline Project Phases 1 & 2 through Natural Resource Group Inc. - monitoring and preparation of fossils
  • Overland Pass Pipeline Project through Natural Resource Group Inc. - preliminary field survey, construction monitoring and mitigation
  • Paleontological evaluation projects for a variety of firms in the Piceance Creek Basin, CO - ExxonMobil, Bepco, EnCana, Williams/Northwest Pipeline, CO & UT

  • Mid-American Rocky Mountain Pipeline - literature and field surveys, monitoring, completion of report and curation of fossils
  • American Soda - Yankee Gulch Pipeline (Piceance Creek to Parachute, CO) - all phases of paleontological evaluation
  • Chevron Antelope Pipeline - literature survey
  • Northwest Pipeline Expansion Phase 2 - All Phases of Evaluation
  • Northwest Pipeline Expansion Phase 1 - All Phases of Evaluation
  • Colorado Interstate Gas - Granger - All Phases of Evaluation
  • National Park Service Contract No. PX-1244-5-0681 - Paleontological Assessment of Dinosaur National Monument Tract 01-102, 1994-95
  • Northwest Pipeline Blanding, Utah Project
  • Paleontological evaluation projects: Jerry Spangler (Data search for Utah BLM)
  • Northwest Pipeline Replacement Projects: Dragon Trail (Colorado) and Dinosaur (Utah) - 1994-95
  • Paleontological Resource Evaluation for a variety of companies in Utah: Chevron, Enron, Desert West Archaeological Associates, Arcon, Coastal, Conoco 1992 - present, Questar Pipeline Corporation - Clay Basin to Fidlar Station Pipeline - 1989-90

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  • Society for Vertebrate Paleontologists
  • The Paleosociety
  • Geological Society of America
  • Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists
  • Utah Geological Association (Intermittently)
  • Western Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists (Intermittently)
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